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School is cool


I helped with art projects in both Nick and Joes class today. Then I came home and worked on more art projects for tomorrow. Then I took Nick to tutoring and worked on teacher appreciation stuff while I was waiting for him there. Next I boiled eggs while trying to make a coupon for teacher appreciation week on the computer (I should NEVER be allowed to do two things at once). And finally I took a second to look online. I enjoy this kind of busy. I think this is going to be my favorite part of life…and I’m trying real hard to live up to at least 78% of my own expectations!


Above is my attempt at a coupon for teacher appreciation week.

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Flat Stanley

“Happiness is the soundtrack of my life.”  ~Grey Livingston


Today was Flat Stanley Day at Nick’s school. This day has been long anticipated by a lot of  2nd grade boys and girls! Nick is opening up the package sent by Aunt Shelly and Uncle Dave. He was soooo Happy, excited, and thankful for the goodies Aunt Shelly sent him. He got loads of pictures of Central Oregon plus Art work from my sisters VERY artistic/creative brain. Plus playing cards, a pin, postcards, a pencil….just goodies. Nick just kept saying “thank you” and “isn’t this cool”….

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it was nothing


At about 9:30 last night I was out cruising(I always cruise at 9:30 at night) and I came across a little dust mop of a dog that looked like if it tried to mark one more tree or bush it was going to drop dead of dehydration. Actually, Charlie was very excited to be lost. I called Charlie over like I was going to ask him the time, and then I announced I was going to pick him up and read his tag. He was not amused, but being a polite dog, he let me look. Turns out a young girl with a froggy voice from crying had an “all points mom and dad bulletin” out looking for charlie. I gave her my coordinates and within minutes Charlie was reunited with said owners. My superhero work was done for the evening. And I went about getting fried food for dinner.

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Earth Film

“The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder.”  ~Alfred Hitchcock



It was a sneak attack, the boys didn’t even know it was coming.  I got them from school and the car headed North. Nick was so excited when Hubba Bubba told him we were going to see Earth, he was a-bouncing in the back seat.


Dad always does it right….Reserved seating and that comes with popcorn and a drink, real nice.


Live animals before the show. Joe got to ask the handler a question: “Do porcupine like to climb trees?” Answer: “They are very good climbers.”


Joe got a brain freeze at the Disney fountain Diner.


Another enjoyable family outing, that makes 3 close together….I feel a meltdown outing coming soon!

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ENC Fun!

“There are big ships and small ships.  But the best ship of all is friendship. ” ~Author Unknown


Nick and Riley are on a lil nature hike at the ENC, Nick’s very bad haircut is starting to grow out and in this picture it looks a little like my Mom’s old bee hive! What’s that old saying? “If it doesn’t kill him it’ll make him stronger…” I got busted for letting them go off on there own(really, how are boys supposed to get in trouble with a hover mom?). The boys said they saw a dead pig, in the middle of a city…I didn’t go look so they can keep that going for days! 



Joe went to his buddy Janos’s house. His Mom said he told her he really liked her cheese(How’s that for a pick up line?.) She said it was just Monterrey Jack. I don’t even know how to respond to that…I can picture him at her table eating a whole darn brick of cheese….. I smile, nod, and move on!

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Baking Monday



Follow THIS link to the recipe.


Nutty peanut butter caramel bars!

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Family Day

“We do not remember days; we remember moments.”  ~Cesare Pavese

Sunday usually means Sunday night dinner and cleaning the house for the new week. Today however we threw routine out the window and spent the day at the beach.


The pelicans were putting on quite a show, hunting for fish and diving in after them. 


Tony decided to feed the seagulls, which proved to be very entertaining for all the boys. Joe was barking at them like a dog. Tony would stand still and then he would chase them… The first thing Tony did at the beach was collect all the sticks in and around the area. He chose three or four as worthy and then threw the rest in the sea, again, and again as the always came back on shore.


Nick never runs out of things to do at the beach. First he dug two seats out for he and joe. Then sat and chit chatted for awhile, then he collected seaweed, and seashells with Dad,  there he is drawing a roller coaster in the sand.


Tony is chasing his brothers as they are in the middle of a very giggily game of king of the hill.


Joe enjoyed playing army men with Tony. And I caught him in the middle of a science experiment….he was spitting on a seagull feather to see if it was waterprroof. Discusting, yes….but who am I to judge a lil scientist!


The beach day ended with the boys taking turns throwing a football in the water.


A wonderful day at the beach, listening to music, watching the boys, reading a book….it’s Sunday,  so I think I can say I felt blessed!

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Yucky to lucky

“If you’ve never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom.”  ~Audra Foveo

Man, did flowers save the day today!  Joe decided to be El Diablo for his baseball coach. I am trying to suppress the memory even now, when it happened just hours ago. I had very angry eyebrows and I was taking my thunderous mood out on everyone. I tried laundry to lift my spirits, then Nick came in wet from head to toe and changed his clothes and I realized laundry would not help. I moped, I pouted, and I stomped my feet…then I realized the boys had moved on with their lives and I was the only one dwelling on it sooooooo…..laugh, go ahead…., I listened to Rod Stewart sing, Downtown Train and it made my angry eyebrows go away… then, Nick and Tony brought me flowers from an abandoned house on our street. THAT turned my frown upside down!  


Nick got my current favorite flower colors even! Pink, Orange, and Red with a hint of Yellow!


Tony stopped long enough to snap this picture before he proudly arranged his lovely flowers in a vase.


Boomer was very happy my angry eyebrows went away!(so was I)

Joe is still on my LIST…..

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No need to scratch

This invite was a team effort, I love that when I look at it I can think of the people who helped create it. 


There’s gel (it smells clean and yummy) in the tummy and when you move it around you can read the invite. pretty cool!

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“My test of a good novel is dreading to begin the last chapter. ” ~Thomas Helm


Yep, I’m addicted to audio books. I’m so addicted to this series that I listened to it without my kids in the car and then I have to reset it and listen again we they are with me. I’m so addicted that I have been known to sit in my car in the front of the house trying to find a place to stop. So addicted that on Saturday night when Hubba-Bubba says where do you want go for dinner? I want to pick the farthest place I can think of , so I can listen to this series of  audio books. If you are aware of a 12 step program for ” Moms who listen to their kids audio books ” please let me know.

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