Free-range children

February 20, 2009 at 6:46 pm Leave a comment

“Like fruit, children are sweetest just before they turn bad”.  ~Dena Groquet

I tried to let the small folk that live at my house be free-range today….it hasn’t happened in so long that didn’t really react well at first. Then I threatened chores if they were having trouble with there free range activities and suddenly they found stuff to do. Nick and Joe picked avocados (about 15) off the tree in our backyard. I’m not sure how they did it because they are short, the tree is tall, but I’ve learned not to question brothers working together for a common good. Free range children tend to have “accidents” like Nick running over Joe with his green machine. Tony whacking Nick with an empty wrapping paper tube(I’m not sure where the tube came from seeing we aren’t out of any wrapping paper)….these things tend to happen and are worked out when left alone. I’m trying not to be a “hover mom” as much anymore. working on letting the critters figure some things out all on their own!….Now that doesn’t mean I’m not peeking, with my camera, on the way to the restroom when it’s been quiet outside for too long!



Yellow leaves are worth a thousand bucks, green leaves are worth a hundred and Nick is the banker. Carrying on little dudes, carry on!


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