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As the official family photographer

and documentarian, I have a story to tell of the last two days,  for sure!


“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”  ~St. Augustine

Now one would think traveling 100 miles one way in a car couldn’t possibly be that difficult… would be wrong. We were running about an hour late on our day trip up to Big Bear. Then upon trying to install the chains on the car we borrowed, we were told they were too big so we had to go back down the mountain to get chains that fit. After we came back from the Walmart in Highland we were now 2 1/2 hours off schedule and we had half the mountain to go and a big problem. The chains, although they fit the tire were hitting the inside tire protector thing….metal on metal….42 miles to go listening to mental on metal, I was crying thinking we were ruining the car we borrowed and it was now, by the time we got there, basically time to turn around and go home. Oh, oh and two cars got in an accident at this point right in front of us, the slushy road made one car swerve right into the car in front of us…like 30 feet in front of us. I am clicking my ruby red slippers, mentally repeating “there’s no place like home”. We drove on and Hubba Bubba would pull over and check the tires every 15 minutes, the second tire check stop, I told the boys to get out and touch snow……These are pictures of my boys very first time in the snow!


For a moment I didn’t feel like vomiting. I was happy that they got to experience snow,  and then we drove on with my tears of fear, metal on metal, and time ticking away.  We arrived in Big Bear at 3:36, we needed to leave Big Bear at 5:00 to make it down without icy road conditions. Hubba Bubba made the executive decision to stay overnight. The muscles in my body relaxed a little and all was well…as well as a day trip with a freaked out Mom that turned into a night trip with a Mom thinking about the ride home the next day could be!

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