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A Magic Day

“Education aims to give you a boost up the ladder of knowledge.  Too often, it just gives you a cramp on one of its rungs.”  ~Martin H. Fischer


Mr. Richards celebrated with Nick yesterday after school that he found a book series he enjoyed. And Nick looked liked he had apples in his cheeks, he was smiling so big with all the positive encouragement. Today, Nick got his library book and read on a Saturday because he wanted to! That’s what a good teacher can do for the little engine that could!

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posted-Beauty and the Beast

“Gaston: This is the day your dreams come true. ” -Beauty and the Beast



The look says, “Mom your lame for having a camera and I’m excited all at once” Tony tried out for the school play and got two parts! He is the baker and a wolf. Lucky Ducky! This year is the first year he was able to try out(it’s an upper grade thing) and he is happy to be a part of it all.

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Artist Concentration

“Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do.”  ~Edgar Degas


Needed: Spring Art. I took down hearts and now I’m in the mood for some flowers. Lucky I live with three “artist” who can slap some paint on canvas and make my flower wishes come true. Joe started his background and he will wait for that to dry. I don’t like to rush 5 yr old perfection!

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Hey, Batter

“Well, boys, it’s a round ball and a round bat and you got to hit the ball square.”  ~Joe Schultz, 1969


Dad is outside loving on our boys the only way that matters to boys….spending some time with them! Now that’s love.

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Play Today

“One of the best things in the world to be is a boy; it requires no experience, but needs some practice to be a good one.” Charles Dudley Warner


It was a good day to be a boy. Lots of playmates, plastic weapons, popcorn, and things that roll. I overheard Joe say to Riley, ” I will pay you a 100 dollars another day, if you let me ride that bike today!” I laughed flipp’n hard.

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Chemical reaction


Group 6-chemical reaction saw some chemical reaction action! The majority of the experiment  was done indoors in the multi purpose room. Tony had so much happy energy he had a hover butt, yes that’s right, his butt couldn’t touch the bench seat under his body. It was nice to see such happiness. I must say he seems to enjoy school. And the experiment went according to plan!

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Baking Monday


Scottish Shortbread
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/3 cup sugar
3/4 cup butter

Preheat oven to 300 degrees.

Blend all ingredients well. 

Press into a buttered 9×9-inch pan. Prick top with fork.

Bake until pale golden brown on the edges. 30 minutes at 300.

Cool completely before cutting into squares.

A warm yummy treat on a cold, rainy day!


We decided to give El,  our neighbor,  some shortbread.   We started with three pieces, Joe dropped one on our steps, then one on El’s step,  so El got one tiny taste of short bread….man, my life makes me giggle with all it flawed goodness, I love it!

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A bird chirped

“Don’t wear perfume in the garden – unless you want to be pollinated by bees.”  ~Anne Raver


It’s not spring,  and yet,  when a bird chirped in a tree as I was getting out of my car,I, in a zombie trance, went straight to the back yard, and planted stuff. I’ve always wanted herbs outside the kitchen window. When a warm summers day allows for the window to be open and the smell of basil and rosemary come in, I will smile a great big happy smile. Unless I kill them first….you see I have a fantasy of being a gardener without the skill! What ever will be, will be…..

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secrets and sandwiches

“It isn’t what they say about you, it’s what they whisper.”  ~Errol Flynn


I love a good secret. I don’t even care if I’m in on the secret…..I just love the bond of a secret! Joe’s school buddy just got back from a ski trip up at Mammoth. They hung out all day long….peas and carrots these two…peas and carrots.


Somewhere inbetween a sword fight and Luke trying to handcuff Tony they stopped for lunch.


Jack and Nick joined in the picnic, which led to a food fight, which led to running playing and lots and lots of laughter!

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Free-range children

“Like fruit, children are sweetest just before they turn bad”.  ~Dena Groquet

I tried to let the small folk that live at my house be free-range today….it hasn’t happened in so long that didn’t really react well at first. Then I threatened chores if they were having trouble with there free range activities and suddenly they found stuff to do. Nick and Joe picked avocados (about 15) off the tree in our backyard. I’m not sure how they did it because they are short, the tree is tall, but I’ve learned not to question brothers working together for a common good. Free range children tend to have “accidents” like Nick running over Joe with his green machine. Tony whacking Nick with an empty wrapping paper tube(I’m not sure where the tube came from seeing we aren’t out of any wrapping paper)….these things tend to happen and are worked out when left alone. I’m trying not to be a “hover mom” as much anymore. working on letting the critters figure some things out all on their own!….Now that doesn’t mean I’m not peeking, with my camera, on the way to the restroom when it’s been quiet outside for too long!



Yellow leaves are worth a thousand bucks, green leaves are worth a hundred and Nick is the banker. Carrying on little dudes, carry on!

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