The letter L

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One of the many benefits of volunteering in class is to watch my lil angels in action. While I was finishing up volunteering the Teacher had all the kids on the carpet and they were brain storming the letter L. Hands shoot up with words like, lollipop-lips-legos, and then Joe says loony. More from others lion, lizard, like, and then Joe says “Lunatic”, and he mutters, “sometimes I’m a lunatic.” still more from the others live, letter, long, joe says “lawn, some people call it grass. “(finally we are off the insane) more words from others, leopard, lettuce, legs, Joes final word brings tears to my eyes “Ling, you know like Ling Chow”, a pause then “I think that’s a Chinese name.” His Teacher looks over at me, smiling but cautious as she writes down Ling. We don’t know any Lings currently, but I can’t wait to meet one so I can remember my loony, lunatic, lawn, Ling….all around L-word lil’ dude…Mr. Joe!

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