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I wish I was a fish

I can’t justify, with finances the way they are, spending $24 for an adult and $12 a kid to look at fish. But saturday and sunday the Aquarium of the Pacific had $10 per person, just at night and that, I jumped on. 

img_4351A boy after his moms heart, Nick got a camera for christmas and took it to the aquarium.

img_4398Joe was hesistant to touch as first, but he got over it and would thrust his hands to the side whenever he touched one and say YES.

img_4422Joe is squirting Nick and Tony outside at the Aquarium, there is always one moment (sometimes more) that I think to myself yes, we were right for making this trek, for putting forth the effort to be here…this was that moment. They are sooooo enjoying themselves. I see their happiness and I feel like I am glowing from the inside out!



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mellow yellow

Unfortunately the yellow in mellow yellow is the layer of smog where the ocean meets the sky….but the mellow describes our Saturday!


img_7759_2Nick purchased this beach game with his birthday money and it proved to be a lot of fun. Tony would play the winner or sometimes the loser or sometimes the person who said”Dad play with me”.

img_7817cute little Joe fingers feeling the nice warm moist sand. It was a beautiful day!

img_7842I think Nick will always be my son who can find peace at the beach. A place to let down his guards and just be. He spends a lot of time at the waters edge. Now don’t get me wrong he was chasing brothers, throwing sand, yelling;”Tony you are SO mean”,  by the end of it all, but I think we stayed 4 hours. One must stir up excitement in 4 hours!

img_7909Hey ladies check out this manly man. Goofy. Tony tried to take a swim but we are in January, and the water is super cold so he gave up. Tony buried his chest, tormented his brothers, ran, sat, tormented his brothers, and smiled because he tormented his brothers!

On a Mom side note, I think I’m in a whole lot of trouble….see I was looking at some old photo magazines and when I was done I asked Joe to throw them away when we were cleaning up, Joe tried to sneak one into the car.

img_7954 One with a naked girl on it! And he called me a bully for not letting him, ZIKES….I see troubles n my future.

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