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My favorite childhood song…

My sister wrote this song when I was eight. I loved this song, it has bad words and well it’s a subject all eight year olds can wrap themselves around!

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Friday funday

I think the world really boils down to two types of people Рthose who see shapes in cloud formations, and those who just see clouds.  ~Danzae Pace

img_7633img_7622img_7625Tony gets together with about 7 to 10 boys every Friday after school.One of the Moms of said boys brings wood guns, we all bring after school snacks and enjoy thoughts of a great weekend to come! Today they found a dead opossum, thrilling.

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Flag deck

First , this happened this morning and we were pleasantly surprised

img_7538_2And then this happened and we were equally as surprised

img_7567_2Standing in front of the whole school holding an award! Nice, twice!

img_76171One of the kindergarten Teachers shared with me that Joe was cheering his heart out when he heard his brother’s names, he was soooo proud of them! He was preparing for his spelling ¬†test when we popped in to say goodbye to him this morning.

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