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Ditty Bops


As I write this post I am humming along to the Ditty Bops singing “Fish to fry” on my pandora account. It is putting me in a very happy mood. The boys performed twice today as the “PBJ Bro’s” Once in front of the school and once to the parents. I am pooped and Robin is standing next to me giving me a very interesting play by play of the night performance of the talent show.  The boys had an awesome cheering section: Robin flew in from up north, Nana, Auntie, Uncle Jimmy,  Wendy, the girls and Tayden, Uncle Chuck, Jackie,Valerie and Paul . The boys thought they were pretty hot stuff!

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heart art

And so begins the days of heart art! We are getting closer and closer to that heart holiday that I heart! I asked Luke, one of Joe’s buddies if he wanted to make something special for his Mom. He nodded and I got out a heart punch, a nice size sheet of paper and some pastels. Ta-da……Joe made me this beauty and although I didn’t get a picture of Lukes, it was equally as lovely!


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Mission San Luis Rey

History is written by the winners.  ~Alex Haley 

Fourth Graders went to Mission San Luis Rey near Oceanside today. The Church was amazing, the courtyard, pretty, and the boys squirrely! We didn’t make Tony ride the bus so he kicked back in the car with mom and pop. 


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Great Blue Heron

Nick is a bird watcher. He has several books on the subject, owls are his current favorite. While Nick was in the Library today with his Tutor I was outside cleaning my car, when out of the corner of my eye caught I This:



I was afraid to disturb Nick’s lesson so I stood by my car and clicked, clicked, clicked. I got looks(I always get looks). When I got Nick, I came out and they were gone! I think it’s a Great Blue Heron , but I have been wrong before! We waited awhile and Nick got to see one, but it wasn’t at the very top of the tree like in the photographs. He was happy, I was happy he was happy….we drove home happy.

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A tiny Talent show preview


All I’m saying is I hear ringing in my ears and my faces turns a weird shade of red. I’m excited that they have no stage fright and overwhelmed with my own stage fright for them! I laugh hard, so flipping hard and it was just a rehearsal.  Friday they will  perform twice, once for the students, and once after school for parents.

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The letter L


One of the many benefits of volunteering in class is to watch my lil angels in action. While I was finishing up volunteering the Teacher had all the kids on the carpet and they were brain storming the letter L. Hands shoot up with words like, lollipop-lips-legos, and then Joe says loony. More from others lion, lizard, like, and then Joe says “Lunatic”, and he mutters, “sometimes I’m a lunatic.” still more from the others live, letter, long, joe says “lawn, some people call it grass. “(finally we are off the insane) more words from others, leopard, lettuce, legs, Joes final word brings tears to my eyes “Ling, you know like Ling Chow”, a pause then “I think that’s a Chinese name.” His Teacher looks over at me, smiling but cautious as she writes down Ling. We don’t know any Lings currently, but I can’t wait to meet one so I can remember my loony, lunatic, lawn, Ling….all around L-word lil’ dude…Mr. Joe!

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Rainbow words superhero

See this lovely chica posing with the 3 lovely sock monkeys she made for me boys? THIS lovely chica saved the rainbow word day!


You see, I volunteer in kindergarten every Tuesday to test the kids on their site words. They are broken up by color. Every new week they are tested on a new color. This week was yellow. As the true dorky Mom that I am, (Oh, “am” was a rainbow word this week!) I try to wear the color that the kids are testing on. I’m good on every color but yellow, I have NO yellow in my closet. Miss Julie saved the day. Using her crafting skills, and her keen eye for fashion, I showed up to class today in this number


Just call Me mellow yellow! Man, she’s good. I looked as bright as the sun, as sunny as a sunny side up egg, as up as a mountain climber….. I dig this shirt! I will be revisiting the rainbow words in first grade, so I must treat this shirt with great care, as it is my one and only mellow yellow shirt.

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lunch recess


A very excited Mr. Nick was very chatty about lunch recess. It seems Nick B., Tyler, Harrison, Mitchell, and Nick were playing a really cool new game they made up. There is a devil and another bad guy, God and an Angel, a ball and I forgot the rest. The game involves a dirt whole and the blacktop is the H-word(that’s hell if your over 18!)Nick said he only played God once, he was usually the devil (I’ve called him stinker, monkey and fart-bag, el diablo on rare occasion but never flat out the devil). Good always wins is the part of his story that I liked the most. Thank you public education for allowing a game with religious overtones at recess. I rather have them working their imagination with some religion, than fighting over the rules of handball!  carry on Nickers, carry on.

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Baking Monday


Southern women love their butter and I love butter too, so I got to thinking, I’ll see how they make a cookie, I found this recipe(no butter, my southern people are letting me down) so I took a chance with one eye!


1 c. shortening

2 c. sugar

3 well beaten eggs

1 tsp. vanilla

1 c. sour cream

5 c. flour

1 tsp. salt

3 tsp. baking powder

1/2 tsp. soda

3 tbsp. sugar

1 tsp. cinnamon

Cream shortening and sugar; add eggs, vanilla, and sour cream; mix well. Add flour sifted with salt and baking powder and soda. Drop from teaspoon onto greased sheet. Flatten with greased glass dipped in cinnamon sugar and bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.

Not sweet, I can taste the baking powder as an after taste the boys wagged their imaginary tails as they ate these babies.

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2 good


O.K. so the t-shirts on this website crack me up. If I had money, my children would never be in trouble because when they walked in the room wearing one of these shirts I would just laugh. See what money can do! Well for now, I will visit this website, get mad at my children and have some kind of semi-happiness!

Check out some of the designs


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