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I miss my stories

Is that a bad thing to miss when you are camping in a RV down by the water?

If anyone plans on making these cookies, I plan on eating them!

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San diego wishes


I hope we get to check out something new like Silver strand state beach or Cabrillo national monument. And new food like Cafe 222 or Cafe on Park. We will see, we will see!

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Kindergarten Playdate

Now I was willing to drive up to go to the play date, but Joe said, “Nope” he didn’t want to miss one day of his vacation. I think the drive home would have been nice….I forget he’s 5 and may run out of thoughts in his head being in a car for four hours…..I think I could drive to Nova Scotia and not run out of them there thoughts!

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Carrots and ritz crackers

sometimes I think the boy is preparing for jail time later in life, who in God’s green earth would think this combo would be appealing? Quirky, the dude is quirky!

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I’m feeling a spark of empowerment

“How wrong it is for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself.” -ANAIS NIN

Hummmmm… I saw this quote in the back of a Woman’s Day Magazine that Auntie gave me when she was done with it. I’m feeling like changing my home environment to better suit me and my family. The problem has always been in the past I’m a self-declared half ass-er and my hubby is a measure twice cut once-er. I think the in activeness of my hubba has awaken the molten lava in this half ass-er to begin her explosion of half ass-er work! (buy some stock in a spray paint company quick)

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Have you seen this?

…It’s good for a giggle now and again.

The link is here: In the Motherhood

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We are off…

A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.  ~Earl Wilson

Let’s take a closer look at this picture shall we? Nick just got his hand stepped on and he’s mad. Tony stepped on Nick’s hand and he’s so happy to have made Nick mad. Joe looks like Count Dracula with that hair cut from Cool Cuts, that ba-zillion dollar haircut, with the simple instruction of ” a regular boy cut please”….now he looks like part of the Addams family! And with that I say, have a good week.

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Four Star Vacation Baby


If me and my 3 babies daddy look out the winder of the top trailer we can see 4 stars. Is that not the best part of any trailoring vacation? O.K., O.K., it’s not as funny as it is in my head (my head and I are still cracking up) We got the RV today for our summer vacation that begins tomorrow. The boys are thrilled beyond belief. I am happy that they look forward to it so much. It will be a nice way for them to end summer.

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Goodies for the teachers

Scrapbooking on Friday Night involved not one ounce of scrapbooking for Debbie and myself but we were paper crafting . You see, with Debbie’s skills this beautiful cupcake was formed. I had bought some goodies and had some ideas but it was my friend who made me have better taste. What’s inside? Well, it’s stuff for Teachers like sharpies, tape, magnets, rubberbands, band-aids, scissors, breathe mints. Little things that add up to one big cupcake!

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I wept while they walked

Sappy but true. I was so happy to be sharing such a neat experience with my kids,that right when the music started I got tears in my eyes (big ones). Happy tears, tears based on a good husband and good kids and sharing.  

Joe brought the walking with dinosaurs experience home with him!

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