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Cattle Drive

Took the boys to see the Orange County Fairs Cattle Drive through the streets of Costa Mesa. I swear there was a cowboy for every cow! After, I went scrapbooking and the ladies asked if the cowboys were “hot”. I looked at them like they were crazy, I was looking at the cows not the cowboys! I’m way more Mom than woman. They shook there heads as if to say, another soul has been lost….oh well!

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I Drool


This came in my e-mail today, back in November when the word first came out I was for-sure going, then my husbands haunt was going to happen in October and I had reservations, then summer camps costs came and my light of hope got dimmer, then we made summer vacation plans and the nails went in the coffin. I’m not going. I morn the loss of my excitement, my lil trip, farewell.  

Dear interested CPR attendee,

Registration for CPR-San Jose will be closing Monday, July 28, 2008 at Midnight! Don’t miss this one of a kind inaugural photography event! Explore SLR camera systems, master diverse flash methods, study the art of child and group portraiture, improve your photo fixing and enhancement skills, and much more!

Creative Photography Retreat (CPR) is breaking ground in applying professional photography techniques to the art of scrapbooking! Hosted by your favorite photography and scrapbooking professionals, you’ll experience two full days of “exposure” to top techniques for capturing everyday moments, creating priceless portraits, and making your photographs even better than ever.

Professional photographers and scrapbook experts on staff include Candice Stringham, Jessica Sprague, Skye Hardwick, James Ransom, Renee Pearson, Nicole Hill, Brian Smith, and Erin Manning, sponsored by Canon.

Featuring Keynote Speakers Lisa Bearnson and Ali Edwards.

You’ll leave Creative Photography Retreat with the tools, skills and inspiration to expand your creativity in photography and your art of scrapbooking!

The registration process only takes about 4-6 minutes to complete. Once you are registered, a confirmation email will be sent to you within 10-30 minutes. Check out the CPR website for complete event details at


CK Events Team


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Beach, Basketball, Soccer, and shoosh chatty monkey

First Tony, the boys and I spent the day in Seal Beach playing in the water. The Beach was full with a special event but it didn’t steal our thunder, nor did the stingrays that stung 3 ladies, that didn’t steal our thunder. Now, the very long walk to and from the the car THAT stole my thunder! (I was pooped)

After the Beach we went and watched the Tarheels beat the Hoosiers, Nick was in full concentration mode, fun to watch!

Then we put soccer gear on and went over to the AYSO soccer clinic

So Nick is practicing for soccer in his basketball uniform, Sporty spice!

The highlight of today was when Joe Vasi and I were Talking about the sounds letters make and he was done listening, he looked at me and said “shoosh, chatty monkey” I laughed so hard Joe blushed! Oh it was a hoot.

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Do you know why boys always win?

I overhear Tony telling his brothers and one of Nick’s friends, Riley. It’s because we have a built in laser sword. Hysterical laughter from the group as I hear the chair screech and Tony stands up to point at his “equipment” downstairs and wiggles his hips. 

I roll me eyes (laugh) and pretend I didn’t hear it. (as any Mom would)

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Paper Please

Paper Airplanes, paper money, big, BIG, paper type plans! Tony borrowed a book on paper airplanes from the library today. He made one for Nick and Joe for free, if they want another it’s a quarter, not just any quarter but a 2004 Texas quarter (it’s the one his stuffed monkey, Neb likes best). On an unrelated topic, Joe and Nick finished another workbook $5 each! 

Just another day on the front lawn getting grass stains on the pj’s he just put on chasing paper airplanes. I do believe this is the very, very best part of boyhood.

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bee sting and math stings

Tony stepped on a bee yesterday in the middle of a high and mighty lecture on what is allowed at school in regard to handball rules while Nick screamed, “Can we just play?”  

It’s strange that the foot is still connected to the body with the amount of screaming that took place.

I think if Nick can answer Miss McClune’s(Nick’s Tutor) math question, he’ll also be able to pass a kidney stone later in life, look at the face, pain.

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Went to the Doctor’s Office

Strep throat, (not an apple, but it feels like one covered in sand paper)

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