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The Martian Child

We went to the free movie today. I’ve never been before, but with gas prices the way they are I’ve decided free is going to have to be at the end of every driving excursion! Free movies happen twice a week at 10am… I’m not planning on hitting them all, but it’s sure a nice little rabbit to pull out of my hat every once in awhile.


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Daddy’s Home, yippee!

Daddy went to Colorado for business and after driving a bazillion hours he took his favorite girl and his three favorites little dudes to the park, not the closest park, but a super cool spinning thingies park that the boys totally dig…..I swear the man is hiding a superman cape somewhere in our home….he totally is the super hero at our pad!

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Junior Guards

I was raised to play it safe. My Dad did not like me to do things that could lead to injury. I never learned to roller skate, ski, ride a motorcycle, ride a bike(until I was nine), ride a roller coaster(until I was 14). Safe, safe, safe. Now I’m a Mom, and I’m trying REAL hard to teach the rewards of risk….enter Tony’s first day at Junior guards. I was stressed out, but trying to play it cool like a cucumber. Tony was real nervous until they broke into groups and he saw people from school and then I saw this

A smile on that nine year old face. Running up and down to the water taking itty, bitty risks.

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Joe’s exciting day

A day chalk-full of five year old fun. He did two dollars worth of chores, 3 dollars worth of homework, and then the wobbily tooth disappeared from his tiny little mouth (poof), he didn’t feel a thing! SO that’s a seven dollar day…..he might pay for his our college education yet!

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This is what 5bucks looks like

$5 for each completed workbook all summer long. That’s right, I’m a briber and I seem to have not one ounce of remorse or guiltily feelings about it…..get ‘er done boys, exercise that brain muscle.

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Summer reading here we come

Went to get the summer reading program info at the library today. It’s time to get busy!

But first we must finish our very first day of summer with a trip to the park!

Joes sleepy eyes….. my job is done, my muscles sore, my fingers black from spray painting crafts, and a nice blister from nick hot gluing me instead of the project….time to rest until tomorrow….


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First full day of summer


It’s started off nice and slow alittle water play. Joe made a new invention as seen below. It’s an umbrella river. Very popular, either you have one or…..your not five!

We kicked up the pace in the p.m. hours. We made all our crafts for the OCFAIR. They have really ruined it for the kids arts this year, they had very strict, uncreative rules… it really was hard to fit us square pegs in the round holes but we managed to come up with some things, for example:

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