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Perfect day, until…

This is summer, playing under a sheet in a fort, on the front lawn. ahh, this is the best. Made for and by Mr.Joe himself!  Playing, not a care in the world. Birds chirping, sunny side of the street kinda day. 

Until ….Nick started getting a fever, and Dad’s allergies started acting up, I had to cancel my Mom needs a break plans and do the Mom needs to be a nurse plan. The Dentist called in an antibiotic for Nick and the anesthesiologist should be giving us a jingle. Dad is taking an afternoon nap. I am sitting here thinking about the crazy busy drop off and pick up schedule that starts next week, having an itty-bitty pity party, yes I would LOVE some cheese with my whine!

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Movie on the beach

Friday night we went to the Newport Dunes and saw Happy Feet on an inflatable movie screen. We had a pretty darn good time, Nick was still a little whoosie but he was up for it. It was nice to be outside and see the stars, when the strolling guitar man came by us(before the movie) he was singing Born to be wild….I feel that it wasn’t a coincidence….the thing is they were really on their best behavior. The movie was free. parking was 12 bucks. cheap n’ cheerful!

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