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Summer’s a-coming, I see it in the garden

“One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides.”  ~W.E. Johns


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Going Over the Sea

Going over the Sea is a little preschool song that makes me happy. I remember sitting in the small room at the preschool watching all three of my boys different reactions to the silly verses and the innocence’s of preschool. Well preschool ended today which means we are only 3 months away from that yucky, 6 hr self esteem sucking institution known as Kindergarten. It’s so sad that childhood ends so early now. In 7 months he will be expected to read and have comprehension assessment twice a week Oh, and computerized math assessment that really doesn’t work unless you know how to read. You are at the top or a loser…..Kindergarten sucks. Good bye preschool, Joe has no idea how much he is going to miss you. 




Going Over the Sea

When I was one, I had some fun, going over the sea.
I climbed aboard a pirate ship, 
And the captain said to me,

Chorus:  Going over, going under, 
  Stand at attention like a soldier, 
  With a one, two, three.
When I was two, I joined the crew, going over the sea.
I climbed aboard a pirate ship
And the captain said to me…
When I was three, I drank some tea …
When I was four, I went to shore …
When I was five, I learned to dive…
When I was six, I picked up sticks…
When I was seven, I went to heaven…
When I was eight, I was first mate…
When I was nine, I climbed a vine…
When I was ten, I we sailed again…


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Can I have a playdate with Bradley? Oh Man it was a long day but the answer is yes…I want to see the sparkle of happiest in those big brown eyes that come from a few hours after school with a good friend.

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