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Usually I love Open House, you get to look at your lil’ angels work, go check out next years Teachers. This year I was so stressed out, when we came home, all the muscles all over my body hurt. You see the day before I was told Hubba-Bubba and I would be receiving an award. Stand in front of grown-ups and talk….I looked at her and said could you just mail the award to my home? She was persistent and got Nick to be persistent which got hubba-bubba to be persistent, which tighten every muscles in my body….and there I stood in front of people I work hard to avoid eye contact with on a daily basis for what seemed like hours.

The good news is there were about 12 women up there and Hubba soooo hopefully I was unnoticed (yeah right). We all got flowers and a scrapbook page.

The boys classrooms were awesome! The Teachers worked so hard on it,  Mr. Richards Fiance brought his Mom such good people! 

Joe wants Miss Holland for Kinder, we looked in there and Miss Waterman.

Nick didn’t have an opinion for next year…

Tony only have two to look at…

I’m still pooped and my head is spinning

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More outside time Ahhhh, Peace & Laughter

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June 2008

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