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Memorial Day

Took the boys to the beach today and saw some nature, they pulled the seaweed out of the ocean, we watched some dolphins swim by, and a para-sailor in the sky. Tons of pelicans, seashells, wind, and wet sandy little boys. Joe was watching a seagull, then after it flew away he ran up to us and said” Mom, Dad, I was spying on a seagull and he didn’t see me, and I saw his wet feet” (so darn cute) Nick fell down in the water, had a “fear of God” look in his eyes, then he half stood up and gave us the hang loose sign. (dork) Tony still recovering from all the boy scout fun played with the army men behind the beach chairs quietly enjoy the day.

Happy Memorial Day!

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He’s O.K.

Yippee! I got a call as they were entering the Temecula area, and my two Tonys are on there way HOME, thank the Lord and pass the mash potata’s….I could not imagine my house without the two Tonys!

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Rainy fun

This got my mind off my troubles, watching these two rascals having fun enjoying a suprise bit o’ rain.

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”
Author: Dolly Parton
Yes, yes, I’m quoting Dolly freak’n Parton, you got a problem with that? Under a little husband stress, …brings out the country lover in me!

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The Boy Scout Camping trip saga Day two

A girlfriend said her and her family might go up today, but they changed their minds, I was hoping she would tell me if my hubba-bubba was stuck in a ditch, freezing to death, or injured….or maybe having the time of there lives, well now I just have to wait and see if they come back Monday or Not…..

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Tony was out of school both Thursday and Friday with a nasty fever and it threatened to ruin his very first scout camp experience. I felt so sorry for him. Hubba-Bubba surveyed the situation and decided he was well enough to go, so armed with a bottle of Motrin they were off.

About 8pm that night I got a call from one of the scout Dads who said due to the very bad weather they were cancelling, I panicked because Hubba and Tony were already there (I hoped). The man said a few cars had got stuck in some yucky mud on the way up…..I swallowed hard, no cell phone connection up there and Hubba said his windshield wipers decided to stop working at the half way point(before he lost the cell connection….did he make it or is he in a ditch?

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No we are not NFL fans, nor are we Dancing WIth The Stars fans. Joe and Nick use this lovely word when they are having heated differences of opinions.  An example that came up moments ago, “I emmitt taking your animals (stuffed), someone puts them on my bed, stupid.”-aw yes today Joe used emmitt…tomorrow Nick will surely find a use for it as well. 

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Sick Boy


Last night he had a fever, went to bed before dinner a little weepy. He’s all curled up on the couch watching some cartoons, still fevered…poor guy.

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