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Like a fish in a fish bowl

Went with the middle little dude on a field trip and once again I do believe teachers do not get paid enough. Yikes, they were like watching popcorn pop. Anyway when Nick went in the middle of this four sided tank-a-ma-bob I said “you’re like a fish in a fish bowl” and I was transported back in time to when I worked for the Stamm family who owned all the movies theaters in town. One of the movies theaters was on the cruise (yes young’ns we still cruised when I was a kitten in hickville) When one worked at the El Campnil one of us would always say, “we are like fish in a fish bowl”….somethings just bring ya back….


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I think I shall read this book.

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I want a good laugh and someone in the reviews compared her to Erma Bombeck, now that lady was funny!

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