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Nick does not enjoy focusing for long periods of time on anything other than video games, sooo I decided we should do more slow rewarding kinda activities like, well puzzles. I started real basic and he LOVED it! So much so, he invited Joe to help us do a second.


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Memorial Day

Took the boys to the beach today and saw some nature, they pulled the seaweed out of the ocean, we watched some dolphins swim by, and a para-sailor in the sky. Tons of pelicans, seashells, wind, and wet sandy little boys. Joe was watching a seagull, then after it flew away he ran up to us and said” Mom, Dad, I was spying on a seagull and he didn’t see me, and I saw his wet feet” (so darn cute) Nick fell down in the water, had a “fear of God” look in his eyes, then he half stood up and gave us the hang loose sign. (dork) Tony still recovering from all the boy scout fun played with the army men behind the beach chairs quietly enjoy the day.

Happy Memorial Day!

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