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I dig the day of Mom!

Planted out garden(I try to do it every Mother’s Day), Dad made this cool new planter….

Daddy lit up my life once again, this time with a way to brighten our dining experience in the dining room

The day ended with Pizza at the beach, a lil’ breezy but that didn’t stop one person in our crazy family from having fun!

a darn good day! Thanks familia.

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Mother’s Day

That’s Joe and I walking out of a cave onto water, them sand on the card and a box of see’s candy in the other hand.

Tony has a card he made at school, one from home….the one he made at home has a heart animal and heart birds flying in the sky and some of that spode dishware I was in love with from Macy’s.

And Nick bag his school gift came in, it says “DO you like Mother’s Day?

Yes or No Circle it, Oh I love all the hand-made thoughtful cards, this is what Mother’s Day is all about.

Joe asked, “MOM, what do you want me to do for Mother’s Day?” I told him I wanted him to watch cartoons all morning long! He said “Yesssss!” with a pump of his arm he was off! 

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