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Farmers Market

Nick was our special guest at farmer’s market this week. He and Joe had a dentist appoinment so I pulled Nick out of school after I volunteered in his class.

The were angels, they didn’t run around the center of the market flapping their arms squealing for strawberries and Asian pears. They stood by my side and quietly asked if they could have a sample of organic apples…..who am I kidding, they were very happy lil’monsters and I was grinding my teeth trying to get them to settle down the whole time! Nick mowed on peas the minute the man gave them to him. I swear they act like they never eat!


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Hair still wet Swim trunks dripping,  goggles, and soccer cleats. Straight from swimming to soccer practice. Only three more soccer games and two more practices…..Not that I have a count down…that you know of, under my pillow….

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