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Happy Place

I started to organize and make this room my happy place ( I was to cheap to buy “place” in wood letters so it just says happy). I have some good friends who were making home improvements and it gave me a wee bit of inspiration….that’s poof gone now. Hubba is taking his work in a new direction and the term tightening the belt came up…and new direction means more time away….so I will now refer to this as my happy thing, in a room that I was going to make my happy place, just a little change in the title and I can free myself from hours of organizing and the need for things to put my things in!

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Zoom’n Friday

Go over Nick’s speech, breakfast, flag deck, preschool, volunteer, pick up photos for teacher, volunteer, pick up from preschool, volunteer, pick up big boys, art fair, night visiting with girlfriends.




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You take the cake

Happy Birthday.

You are the best man in the whole wide world!

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Family Day

First Prince Caspian and lunch next door at the little Disney soda fountain

I only had a small cup of soup cause I really wanted this:

After that yummy little pit stop 
a tiny nature walk

And off to the Observatory, we saw Saturn, cool!

a great place to see the hollywood sign

and a trip like this is a nice reminder of what a very, 
very, nice husband I have

Happy Day Before your Birthday Hubba-Bubba!


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Like a fish in a fish bowl

Went with the middle little dude on a field trip and once again I do believe teachers do not get paid enough. Yikes, they were like watching popcorn pop. Anyway when Nick went in the middle of this four sided tank-a-ma-bob I said “you’re like a fish in a fish bowl” and I was transported back in time to when I worked for the Stamm family who owned all the movies theaters in town. One of the movies theaters was on the cruise (yes young’ns we still cruised when I was a kitten in hickville) When one worked at the El Campnil one of us would always say, “we are like fish in a fish bowl”….somethings just bring ya back….


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I think I shall read this book.

View here

I want a good laugh and someone in the reviews compared her to Erma Bombeck, now that lady was funny!

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Nick does not enjoy focusing for long periods of time on anything other than video games, sooo I decided we should do more slow rewarding kinda activities like, well puzzles. I started real basic and he LOVED it! So much so, he invited Joe to help us do a second.


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