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I’m all lit up inside

I’m all lit up inside and soon my diningroom will be lit up as well. We have lived here for three years and have been using a reading lamp I bought for the boys room as the only light source in our diningroom. Not enjoyable. But today I woke up with change on my mind, I wanted to be brighter in some way, and by gollie I figured out how to do it!  Would this fixture be my choice if money were no object?, maybe…maybe not, was it less than a hundred bucks? yep, so that makes me love it for now!

I feel like the brightest crayon in the box!.

psssst, hey Hubba, Mother’s Day was just taken care of…..your mission, should you choose to except it, is to hang the bad dog up once it gets here!

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National Scrapbook Day

National Scrapbook Day May 3, 2008

below are some Layouts I enjoy from 2peas

Yes it exsists. Yes I have celebrated. Yes I will Celebrate in the future. Yes it sounds super lame. Yes it is super lame….but not to me. I have been known to celebrate said holiday from 9am to 3 am on National Scrapbook Day in the past, this year, It didn’t work out, soccer and more soccer, and then a third soccer game has really killed my scrapbook buzz! What will I do? Well scrapbookers have podcast and online classes and QVC even celebrates (Yes I know I said QVC celebrates which makes it sound even more lame), I like getting together with my friends and laughing and talking and looking at great pictures so I raise a glass and toast the ladies who we be partaking this weekend!



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Buttercream is one of those things that has made my bottom grow, from sea to shining sea. It’s sweet and yummy and makes me very happy. My recent buttercream discovery is do to Julie, the lovely employee of the scrapbook oasis. She shared she found yum, and I set my sails to the lovely city of Costa Mesa to enjoy sweetness for myself! I had a CLOUD 9 cupcake-Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Cake with a Sky Blue Vanilla Buttercream. Goodness. Here is the website so you can discover it yourself!

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Nick had Jack sleepover and now they are playing Webkinz

Tony had Chase sleepover and they are riding bikes

Boomer is trying to look his cutest so someone will rub his belly

Dad is making Mom a raised bed for gardening

Joe is a bubble making machine

And me, I’m staring down the long dark washing machine drum full, with more loads on the floor.



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Dear Mr. Clean

Dear Mr. Clean, 

Three boys bombs went off in my home since last weekend. I have no energy to clean it. If you are done standing there smiling with your hands crossed, you can start with the laundry, do the dishes,  and then the boys room.



A half-wit Mom looking for a clean house from a cartoon character!  

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School Jog-a-thon

The boys enjoyed the Olympic Ceremonies before the event as well

as the running to loud music with their teachers and the Principal.

Nick’s class represented the Galapagos Islands and Tony’s class

represented Mexico. I represented the chubby Mom’s with cameras!

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Prepare to be Squeezed

Lemon you are no match for a thirsty five year old!

Joe has his game face on.

40 minutes in the frig, to be continued…..

Pretty proud of his lemonade!

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