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Christmas gift


Uncle Jimmy bought me a program for my pc, and My Hubba-Bubba bought me a Mac for Christmas, sooo… since I couldn’t use the program on the mac. I returned it, and just got in the mail today this mp3 player with the return cash-o-la on Amazon. On the days my girlfriend can’t walk with me I will get as funky as a monkey and as loose as a goose, with my music! Yippee.

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Ride on

img_6153.jpgTony is Super excited, tomorrow is the first time he will ride his bike to school. (I of corse will be the car next to him as I am a hover Mom and proud of the title.)  I have asked him if he has wanted to ride his bike since December, now he’s ready, his time…A tiny bit more independent, a tiny bit more trust in himself (very nice to see). Today he rides on, thinking 9 year old thoughts.  (He did great!!)



Joe decided today would be a fine day to barf in the car, yum. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw a warning look on his face so I let out the mom alert to Tony, “Empty out Joe’s backpack Tone, Joe’s gonna throw-up.” Joe took the backpack threw in on the floor said,  “No I’m not, then threw up”. I hate being right. He’s fine now,  squirting Tony as he rides by on his bike, and me if I get to close. When you are four I truly think you feel like the boss of the whole wide world….even on barfie days!

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Spring roller coaster

car_animation1.gifcar_animation1.gifI am hearing the click,click, click, as I slowly go up the spring roller coaster. My tummy has that queasy feeling. Will I survive all the loops and spins? Will I just close my eyes and pray for it to be over? This is my Spring roller coaster:  All three boys will be in soccer, today is Nick’s first practice. So that’s 3 practices, 3 games. Let’s add swimming two days a week for Nick, Three days a week for Tony. Joe has Zoo-phonics (ABC School) in the afternoon one day a week. Nick has a Tutor (Reading Club) one day a week. Tony has Boy Scouts. School always intensifies in the spring as Teachers struggle to fit the rest of the State Framework in the last 4 months (more homework). Throw in the occasional play-date and my wish of going to the library once a week and you have got some kinda of crazy. Finally you have the unexpected loops and turns like birthday parties, school events, illnesses, holidays, dentist appointments. And they should all be playing an instrument, maybe in their sleep, yeh, in their sleep… Well here we go wish me luck.

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Most Improved Player


That’s Number Six Baby! Most Improved Player. And He put up 
with his Mother’s very bad impression of Kurtis Blow rapping
“Basketball” on the way to every game…. About the third to the
last game I think Nick realized there was a ball involved in the
sport,  before that point he just ran back and forth with the
herd, smiling away, and I have to say, I love him for that! 

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To the library


Until our schedule got so crazy we were going to the library every Wednesday. I miss it and Joe missed it too! We played on the computer and read some books. Joe read me a book without words he thought it was so great,  we checked it out so he could read it to Dad.  It was a Carl book, “Good Dog Carl” to be exact.

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Bolsa Chica Wetlands


After Joe’s ABC school we went to the Bolsa Chica Wetlands
today. Nick brought his trusty Birds of North America book and
tried to identify the quick moving feathered friends. I think
the highlight for the chaps was swatting at the
mosquitoes. I got a “nature is beautiful” from Nick, then a
quick “I’m hungry”. Joe desperately wanted to throw rocks
and Tony wanted to collect rocks for experiments at home.
They appreciate nature in small pieces and parts, anything
over 15 minutes is just asking to much of my wee ones!

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This is a great Teacher


Kind, Consistent, Smart, Fair, and Aware.  I like to compare Teachers to places in the world…most Teachers are New York City or Tokyo, by that I mean stressed, they talk fast, you can feel tension in their voices, unaware of the needs of students. Tony’s Teacher is the San Juan Islands(WA) mellow, aware, consistent, kind. I wish I could bottle him up. The world, and my boys need more peaceful islands and less crazy cities! I guess why I’m sharing this is the school year is well over the halfway point…and the evaluating of the next grades Teachers has been calculated in my head and they don’t measure up to what this man has offered this year. This is a great Teacher!

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Just finished

21hxejjfnal_sh30_ou01_aa115_.jpgThe Measure of a Man: A Spiritual Autobiography. It was a Oprah Book Club book which should have scared me off. Queen Oprah and I are just about as polar opposites as two can be, when it comes to book selections this is even more magnified. I peeled the Oprah book club sticker off of the book because I found Sidney Poitier interesting and the title exciting. I should have left the Oprah sticker on, it’s wasn’t a great book. It started out fine, then rambling began….don’t get me wrong I’m a rambler myself, but I don’t charge for it!

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Central Coast

First, I thought we were in Irelandirel.jpg

it was so beautiful and green seeimg_5209_2.jpg

We saw a ton of nature’s goodness



And then some unnatural things

img_4861.jpg  img_5182.jpgimg_5662.jpgimg_4936.jpg

Quality time as a family, It was exactly what I was hoping, exactly.


What the boys will remember:the rock’n toy store in San Luis Obispo”Tom’s Toys”, Bubble Gum Alley also in SLO-stinky when wet!, Nick insisted on a swim in the pool even though it had rained on and off all day and it’s ummm… winter. Dad and all the boys went in the water, a mini Polar bear plunge. At the Klondike Pizza place in Arroyo Grande you can throw peanut shells on the ground, I threw half a bagel in the air for a seagull and he ate it whole, we thought we were going to give it CPR (finally he swallowed it), and Elephant Seal’s sound like bad Opera singers. 

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I’m eating me a big piece

of humble pie. Hubba-Bubba read my blog realized how yucky I was feeling about ski week and now we are off.humblepie-logo.gifThe Guilt I feel about my hissy fit can actually been seen outside of my body, I’d take a picture but, well, nah. 

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