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Thanks Dad

of50332443.jpeg                                                                                                                                                                                                                           As I was giving out cough syrup last night like a Vegas cocktail waitress gives out shots of whiskey,I got a flashback of my Dad helping me through the medicine routine. My Dad ALWAYS took the medicine to show me it wasn’t that bad.Present Day: Tony took the medicine no problem, he wanted to go back and watch Drake and Josh before bed. Joe took in no problem because Tony took it. In walks Nick…I could actually see the roots grow out of his feet and into the floor, he wasn’t gonna budge. In my mind’s eye,  I saw my Dad smiling at my little girl self after drinking that nasty stuff “It’s not that bad”(Lier).  I just looked down at the water cup and the medicine cup and laughed.  It took awhile ( I think I could officially get a job helping the police get people to not jump off bridges). I put them to bed and thought of my Dad: The  Great Taker of Yucky Medicine.. Thanks Dad.

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Reluctant Practicer

 The struggle is to get Tony in the swing of anything, he has not one ounce of drive. I’m not competitive, either, is my Hubba so I guess it’s heredity….Junior Guards Prep is 1 hour four days a week for 1 month. I’m not asking him to train for the Olympics. Just 18 days of swimming for 1 hour.           Hubba and I do make him finish what he starts, but that’s just out of courtesy for his teammates like soccer, baseball, football… last spring he didn’t sign up for anything and we were O.K. with it. I’ve tried to explain if he would keep doing a sport and Practicing he would enjoy it because he would become more skilled.  I think it’s like when people give me dieting advice….deaf ears!img_1572-1.jpg 

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Yah give me fever…


Nick and Joe are both sick. Fever, cough, sleepy.  Today is day 5 for Nick and day 2 for Joe. I hope they get better soon, Nick has missed way to much school. The thing is they are super cuddly when they are sick, which feels so good that it makes it hard to wish it away.  As I was lying in bed with Nick on one side holding my hand and Joe on the other with his knee on my thigh I felt Joy. That’s right, Joy. My little boys feel comfort when they are close to me, how incredible a feeling. Man, the power to comfort, I feel like a super hero. Actually I feel loved and ain’t nothing finer than that!

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The Melting Pot

. img_1540.jpgimg_1550.jpgGirl’s Night Out at the Melting Pot in Irvine.  Shari, Jack’s Mom, sent an invite my way so I jumped on the chance.  There were 6 of us. We chatted. I was the only stay at home Mom which felt a little awkward but I laugh in the face of awkwardness. We had cheese, salad, entree, and dessert.Yummy! Not enough food for Hubba Bubbas, Great for girlies!

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Have you been to the etsy craft mall site. It’s good, real good. They have everything in your wildest artlike dreams like: cupcakes in a jarrocket prints by a digital artist, lampwork bead bracelets,  yarn bunniespurses, fun scrapbooking embellishments, and vintage valentine cards. Type it in and there will be a handmade artist waiting to take your money!il_430xn18436374.jpg 

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Pasta and Playdates


Joe’s Buddy, Ty came over for a few hours today, Tony went to Chases before Jr. Guards prep, and Nick B got ready for the Basketball game with Nick at our house. The madness ends with a nice bowl of pasta and some french bread, Oh then homework and Boys Scouts for Tony.  So as I walk away from the computer listening to Nick saying “stay, be cute” over and over to the dog, with my goal of sneaking a cookie from the cupboard I leave you with this “Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off dessert” – Erma Bombeck

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Southern Novels

I’m currently reading a Bailey White Book, “Mama makes up her Mind” I love rural small town novels. I learned so much growing up in a small town that I’m afraid my kids will never know. People with a life of rural education seem so much smarter to me than city people, don’t get me wrong it’s a different smart, a more genuine smart. These southern novels remind me of that. Ms. Bailey White also reads short stories on Thankgiving for the npr you can listen for free here.232323232fp344nu323486-859wsnrcg3233687796936nu0mrj.jpegMy childhood home. 

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Garth at the Staples Center


The Two Tony’s went to see Garth tonight in L.A.. Nick had a ticket but he was sick so he stayed home. This was Tony’s first concert ever. I think starting with a true legend is a good way to begin. In a year or two I’m sure he’ll shun country music for something more mainstream but for now , hubby said tony was just amazed by the whole experience.

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Mom you’re always in my heart


103′ degree temperature last night. Rosy red cheeks this morning. I reached over and gave him a nice big Mom loves you hug and he whispers”Mom, you’re always in my heart.” I cried. Comforting my little man, and he  put more joy in my heart than I thought possible on this very day.

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Smiley Tayden

Babies CAN smile. I’ve seen it with my very own eyes. It’s not gas.  It’s a very smart baby who sees me with a camera and smiles.img_0714.jpg 

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