Snap, click

Senior year gets closer and closer. The studio had a great photographer today, she fixed his collar, made him laugh…took along time with all the clothing changes but it was worth it!

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First Suit

Senior pictures are tomorrow, so yesterday we went and picked out a suit. He’s ready….


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Added an app

Hubba installed an app that can turn the phones of all the boys phones in a single button! Thanks Bunco ladies for showing me how wonderful that button can be👍🏼

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Our hairless cat

Joe starts football today so his hair went away. I’m so sad. I think the boys loose their personality when they shave their hair. Nick and Tony have three more weeks until they are hair free as well. Good news is it’s Tony’s senior year so no more head shaving for him(woooohoooo)

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Airsoft ambush

The neighbors tried twice to sneak over to Tony’s window and attack, problem was, Tony was in the living room. I txt Tony from my car the coordinates of fun, he sent Boomer out to make sure it was a friendly situation… And off they went to play!

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a morning walk

Joe escorted me to the beach for an early morning stroll. His excitement meter was at about a 3 out of 10, but he came… A small attitude, but he came. As we pulled into the beach parking lot it was raining Pokemon go critters. Joe’s  excitement meter  rose to about 7 out of 10. Spending time will mom isn’t ALL BAD

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Happy Dog

…getting at nice little brushing from Mr Joe this very fine day. Happy, happy, HAPPY dog

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