Police Explorer Christmas Party

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Tony had a party at a Yacht club to go to tonight for Police Explorers. There was a gift exchange to so because it’s police explorers and police like donuts, we added a donut card.(man I think I’m hilarious, someone has too) Got there on time….I pulled into the parking lot and was staring squarely at a brand new, no plates, Rolls Royce, had tony jump out of the truck and tried to back out VERY CAREFULLY. Note to self, next year drop him off across the street and make him walk across, Wowzers.

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Thanks to Nick’s fabulous camera phone, we have photo documentation of the ol’ tree picking. Joe is the picker outer, Tony is the heavy lifter, and Nick is the comic relief for this particular activity. In and out in 10 minutes!
photo 3-1photo 2

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He’s Back

All is right with the world. Joe made it back from 6th grade science camp in one piece. He did however get off the bus in his way baaaack up sweats that are actually Nick’s, a bit long in the ol legs. Hubba Picked him, and his buddy Matthew up, and they headed straight to Mi Casa for some mexican food. Man those were some long days without him. His big news is he discovered how to roll his R’s and he is sharpening his technique by practicing. It’s driving Hubba and Nick bonkers. I’m just happy he’s home….he can fart the alphabet for all I care!!!

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Miniature sculptor

Hubba has sculpted four more miniatures. I can see the optimism in my husband in the way his mini faces turn out. They are so darm cute. His mom will fire the porcelain, paint, dress the dolls and sell them to collectors.

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My name is Julie and I’m addicted to my husband’s bruschetta. This is not a picture of my husbands because the minute is puts it down in front of me I gobble it up. And it is what I had for dinner last night. And I was happy.
Joe’s at science camp and I feel like I’m missing an elbow….Our house isn’t right with him gone. I think that’s why I got the bruschetta, for 10 minutes I stopped saying, “man, I miss Joe”. My husband is too good to me.

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And he’s off to science camp!!

I mailed Joe a Nerf football on Thursday of last week to the Science Camp address that says, “have a ball at science camp” Hoping he gets it today or tomorrow!! I shoved toys in his pockets and a little foam heart in each pair of pants because…I’M THAT MOM. He was beyond happy this morning, chirping around the house, double checking his camp list. Man, I’m going to miss his enthusiasm all week. Joe is a contagious sort of happy guy and I wish him only wonderfullness at camp this week(and always)

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last saturday

Nick had his end of the season football party and they got their championship trophies…Nick also got another award, academic scholar. Yep, academic flipp’n scholar!! Who knew…
I could not be prouder of this award, Nick worked super hard on achieving his academic goals, he wrote those goals down and shared them with his coach back in august, then busted his caboose and achieved. It’s nice to be recognized for your achievements(whoop-whoop)

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