Flag Football Camper of the Day

Day Two of Joe’s flag football camp and he got camper of the day(which means he gets to pick a goodie out of the treat box). His coach said he cheered on his team mates and made a great play than gained his team many yards during the scrimmage.
(I took this picture yesterday, the first day of his camp)

Nick started a football strength and conditioning class today as well, and Tony is knee deep in summer football camp! Keeping these boys busy.

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Summer Weekdays


A little boogie boarding, a little body surfing, and a little sand castle building today! Plus some pelican counting and Dolphin oogling by yours truly.
After the beach we headed to the central library to get some books on CD for long car rides ahead.

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Dog Beach

Buster (aka: Buster Brown, Puppy Man, Devil Dog, El Diablo) went to Dog Beach in Huntington for the very first time ever and had a blast. He did not enjoy when Tony went into the water without and let everyone on the shore know with big dog barks. Beag was happy, he ran up and down the beach off leash checking in on us from time to time. Boomer wanders and sniffs and forgets to come and visit so he was leached earlier in the journey :)
The boys played in the water, enjoying the beginning days of summer, aaaaah

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Frisbee Golf

Time for Summer Fun and what better way than trying something new. A little Frisbee Golf in the lovely Huntington Beach. The boys had fun. The range was clean and included 18 holes, they had spotters to make sure people weren’t going frisbee golf crazy.(Joe pelted someone in the head on accident). We will be back this summer as all had enough fun and the price was right to warrant another visit. We rented Frisbees there, they are smaller than your average frisbee. One of the spotter shared that it has been around since 1977. (impressive)




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And the school year begins

“If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable.” ~Louis D. Brandeis

High School
Tony’s name was not on the list of names for his class on the first day of school as a freshmen, a nice “Welcome, you don’t matter” He had to stand in a 30 minute line with other freshmen who matter just as much, and was late for his class. So I followed all the rules pre-registered, he went to registration and ….we get the boobie prize.

Middle School
Nick’s Dyslexic. So he had to find his classes that he was handed on the first day of school without any help, stressful for someone without issues but even more stressful with processing issues

Joe is lucky enough to be born with an attitude that really allows for anything. So the unknown does not bother him one bit, one out of three approve of this crappy system.

I ask myself why is this super secret process such a circus? Is it because the administration can’t stand up to pushy parents who demand certain teachers? Those parents get what they want know matter what hoops you make them jump. Is it a lack of organization? Poor computer programs? Wouldn’t it be magical if it was explained.

We(the school admin) make the transition back to school awkward, complicated, and last minute because
a) we can
b) job security
c) we don’t like children and want them to suffer as much as possible
d) it a process you are to stupid to understand

…..I’m not ready to deal with this crap, my filter is not operating yet. I want summer back.

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And they are off

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” ~Aristotle
Three Kiddos in three different schools! Let the games begin. A bit of my heart goes with each boy and a hope. I hope they are kind and I hope they find kindness. This is a roller coaster kind of day I tell you….just a rollercoaster.

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Our Goodbye to summer trip to Dave and Buster’s. Had Fondue, the boys played video games, Oh my it’s hard to say goodbye to summer.

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